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The weather in Rome
The City of Rome enjoys favourable climatic conditions because of its geographic location on the Mediterranean Sea, which carries with it all the advantages of the maritime climate. The sky is generally clear, fog is uncommon, the temperature is mild, the moderate winds often have a positive influence in the temperature.
The pluviometric regime is tipically Mediterranean. Rainfalls are concentrated in the fall and winter seasons, reaching a minimum in Summer. In February, the average precipitation is 89 millimeters.
The temperature in February is around 8 C up to 30 C in summertime.

Hotel information

Several hotels of various categories can be found in the Engineering College area or close to it.

Two separate lists are provided below, for reference only. These are:
List 1: those hotels which have confirmed both, their availability in general to accept requests of accommodation and the application of reduced rates.
List 2: other hotels in the area, for eventual consideration by the participants.

In both cases, the participants are expected to carry out the room reservation with the hotels directly. For information, single rooms in Rome are sometimes very small, particularly in low category hotels.

LIST 1 - Hotels which have offered special conditions to the Engineering College
NOTE: when booking the room, a mention to the existing convention with the University "La Sapienza" should be made.
**** Category - *** Category - ** Category

LIST 2 - Other hotels in the area
NOTE: no existing conventions with the University "La Sapienza" are available.

Various Categories